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The Impossibe Maze v2 The Impossibe Maze v2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The possible maze v2

hey, to cheat, we just need to right click to make the contextual menu appear, then click in the green to re-activate the game. your mouse will have passed through the walls.

To fix that, you could do a kind of "system" by programming a "line" between each places the mouse travelled. so, if we try to cheat like that, it will recognize that we passes throught the wall: when the mouse travelled ine one shot from point. For example, when the mouse pass from point (145px, 30px) to point (200px, 500 px), it will test possibilities between the two points. if the distance changed less than, for example, 100 px, test 2 points between the first and second point (differences between x and y coodrinates). Elseif it travelled more than 100 px, test 5 points... you could elaborate things like that to make the game (almost) un-cheatable. Or, you can do something for that the right click don't disable the mouse attention, but I don't know a lot about flash games.

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Hopeku - High skies Hopeku - High skies

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


I brought this music to a party and everyone was thinking of a gay bar... It totally failed because of the small sound in background, per example, they appear at 40 to 45 sec and at 53 to 58 sec.

But i like the remain of the track

Antiskill- How I Do This Antiskill- How I Do This

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good !

This could make a good trance song !

globally, the style of music at the beginning is different from what is in the end. you could start the song with something looking more like what is from 1:07 to 1:10.
developp this until you reach 2:30, it is perfect, forget a bit the part at 1:30. Also, the bright notes which are entering in at 2:44, make them even more bright, powerful, intense, trancy, put echoe and make it dirtier.
After that, put louder the part in solo actually at the end of the song to start real buisness : after this little break, put the gain up the ceil and play an awesome beat mixed up with a fast played bunch of trancy notes with a soft pad in background... this could be fuckin intense, you could do one of the best song ever with this (in my opinion). If you do that, PM me that i see the result please !

The melodies you got and the instrument of these melodies just reminded me trance... btw, sorry for my (maybe) bad english

5/5, 9/10

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YakovlevArt responds:

You really let yourself go when talking about what this track could be. I had a pretty tough time composing this one, but I'll see what i can do with it later =].
Your review is so awesome , it put a smile on my face reading it.
I think i can understand what you mean about the track sounding like trance. i don't think I ever tried making actual Trance/ Hard Trance.
It was a little hard to smell what you were stepping in, but its ok if your English isn't so good, I am from Russia.
I will try to change this track a little bit, then I'll send it to ya, if it's not that much better, You can just do a remix of it/ collab.

Funky Dance (Shiki) Funky Dance (Shiki)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


You should make a song of it, it starts in a cool way.

Make a super intense song. Try "Synth 1" in FL, it's free (if you search on google synth 1, it's the first link. Mix the harmless with the synth 1, play with occilators and filters a bit. Else, add a saw with sawer. flay with echoe, reverb and all the settings...