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The Impossibe Maze v2 The Impossibe Maze v2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The possible maze v2

hey, to cheat, we just need to right click to make the contextual menu appear, then click in the green to re-activate the game. your mouse will have passed through the walls.

To fix that, you could do a kind of "system" by programming a "line" between each places the mouse travelled. so, if we try to cheat like that, it will recognize that we passes throught the wall: when the mouse travelled ine one shot from point. For example, when the mouse pass from point (145px, 30px) to point (200px, 500 px), it will test possibilities between the two points. if the distance changed less than, for example, 100 px, test 2 points between the first and second point (differences between x and y coodrinates). Elseif it travelled more than 100 px, test 5 points... you could elaborate things like that to make the game (almost) un-cheatable. Or, you can do something for that the right click don't disable the mouse attention, but I don't know a lot about flash games.